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Grow Extraordinary Plants


House Plants


"I was a bit skeptical before buying this product but it seems to be working.
My plant hasn't died after a month and a half. It is thriving and growing new leaves.
When you water your plant the little pellets swell up and pops slowly.
I always forget to add fertilizer to my plants during watering, this is nice and easy."


"I noticed my spinach started growing broader leaves after adding Vetamate"


"My orchid was dormant for 6 months, after all the flowers fell off, nothing grew.
After adding Orchidmate, new canes started to grow!" 




Controlled Released Nutrients

Feed your plants with ecofriendly and odourless fertilizers that provide the right amount of nutrients timed to your plant's needs, keeping them happy, healthy and safe for your home. 

How it Works

Nutrient Release Cycle

RYNAN Smart fertilizers are formulated to help ordinary people grow extraordinary plants. Find out how the RYNAN nutrient release works and its benefits for all plants and the environment.

About Us

We are a technology and innovation company, based in Singapore and Vietnam.
We develop smart solutions for sustainable urban farming, household landscaping and agricultural purposes.

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